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All businesses need a quality, well thought out logo that truly represents their brand, mission, product and/or service. A logo is a specific design with distinctive characteristics made as a corporate "signature." It should never confuse potential customers, should be different from other logos, and should provoke further investigation.

When designing your logo with Jordan Taylor, you can expect:

  1. A creative consultation dissecting your vision, business mission, goals, and expectations.

  2. Us to take our time to gather background information and brainstorm to better execute your design project.

  3. Three sketched creative directions based on the consultation and research.

  4. A black and white, rough draft of the selected creative direction.

  5. Two rounds of revisions to ensure you are happy with your design.

  6. A full color logo, with black & white versions when appropriate, delivered in png, jpeg, and PDF file formats.

Three decisions dictate price; font choice, icon detail, and deadline. A font is a typeface, in essence, the words. You have the option of using an existing font at no additional cost or you can have a custom font designed. An icon is the image or symbol. If you decide to have an icon, price increases with the detail. Lastly, if your project deadline is 15+ days, there is no extra cost.

Are you ready to get started on your logo?

Schedule your Creative Consultation TODAY!


  • stock font

  • no to minimum icon detail


  • stock font

  • moderate icon detail


  • stock font

  • maximum icon detail


  • custom font

  • no to minimum icon detail

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